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What Lock Do You Need?

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

There are different types of locks that you can use for your home and office. The degree of the security each of these locks offer is different, that is why it might be very challenging to choose a lock for your home.

The purpose of this article is to help you determine what type of locks is best for you. So let’s get started:

Types of Locks

1. Padlocks. Padlocks are the only portable lock type. They come in two styles and different sizes. The two styles of padlocks are the keyed and combination. Both styles of padlock possess three main components: the body, the shackle, and the locking mechanism. The Keyed padlocks need a key to unlock it. The keyed locks can either be the key-retaining or non-key retaining locks. With the key-retaining locks, you can’t remove the key while the lock is open. While with the non-key retaining locks, you can remove the key while the lock is open. Combination padlocks use a series of numbers that opens the lock when they are entered in the correct sequence.

2. Cam Locks. Cam locks are a type of lock that is commonly used in filling lock boxes, cabinets, etc. The cam locks utilize a small flat metal tailpiece (cam) that uses a key to rotate the came in and out of a slot in the door. The locks can either rotate clockwise or anticlockwise.

3. Knob Locks. Knob Locks are mostly found in homes as the major locking device on external and internal doors. The knob locks have a key cylinder located on one side and also a rotatable knob located on the other side: the rotatable knob controls the locking mechanism.

4. Mortise Locks. This type of lock utilizes two different types of locks joined into one device. It comprises of the non-locking sprung latch and a deadbolt. The non-locking sprung latch is controlled by a lever handle while the deadbolt is used secondary security. The mortise locks are dual in action, which means they act as both a deadbolt and a doorknob.

5. Deadbolts. These type of locks are mostly found on external doors in the homes, and they are usually accompanied by a knob lock. These type of locks utilize a rotating cylinder that drives a bolt to the door frame and can’t be retracted until the locked cylinder is rotated. There are three variations of the deadbolt – the single cylinder, the double cylinder, and the lockable thumb.

So know that you know the types of locks there are, it is time for you to choose a lock. However, despite the lock type you choose, there are all used for one purpose SECURITY.

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