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What To Do When Your Car Keys Are locked In Your Car Trunk?

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Locking your car keys in your car trunk is something you don’t want to happen to you. But what if it does happen to you, what will you do? Would you just freak out and cry or would you look for a solution?

So this is what this article is about – in this article, I would be enlightening you on what you need to do in case you lock your car keys in your car trunk even if at the end calling Public Locksmith in Miami, Miami Beach seems the best solution. Available 24/7 at 305-450-0786

Call a specialized auto-locksmith.

First of all, call a specialized auto-locksmith. I am emphasizing on the specialized auto locksmith because you need a specialized auto locksmith to help you get out of the annoying situation. A regular locksmith might be able to get into your car, but not into your trunk. The trunk is designed to be the safest place in your car. So you need to get a specialized auto locksmith. But the question is how do you get one?

  • Use your phone. Use your smartphone to search for specialized auto locksmiths around you. But don’t just call one and make up your mind, you need to call more than one to be able to decide. Call like 5-6 different locksmiths to compare prices before you decide on which one of the locksmiths to choose. Never forget to notify the locksmith about the problem, never skip a detail.

Get the spare keys

It might take one to two hours for the locksmith to reach you. So before they come, what can you do? Try looking for the spare keys. I know if this happens to you, you would be in a panic state, but try to remember if anyone you know has your spare keys. If not, try to remember where you kept your spare keys.

If you don’t have the spare keys, you can order a new key, but that would take a lot of time. So that is not an option.

Break into the trunk

If you are really desperate and you don’t care about damages and cost, try breaking into the trunk. That is the fastest yet most expensive way to save the day!

Make sure it never happens to you

Prevention is way better than cure! So the best way to avoid all the problems is to make sure you never lock your car keys inside your car trunk.

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