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Role of Door Locks In Commercial Security

Modern-day offices tend to focus on digital security systems such as motion detection alarms and CCTV cameras. However, door locks play the most crucial role in creating comprehensive commercial security. Unless business owners invest in reliable and high-security lock systems, the risk of intrusions remains high.

It is always better to make investments in a high-security lock system from commercial locksmiths. Know how you can use door locks to ensure a robust first line of defence.

The Importance Of High-Security Door Locks

Surveillance and alarm systems are meant to monitor your business. It will only keep track of who enters and exits with or without authorisation. However, the high-security lock system at the entrance stands to block unauthorised intrusions.

High-security locks or high-grade locks are built using strong materials. They are resistant to picking, drilling or even key bumping. They come with unique keys that enable only you or your employees to have access. Hence, this feature ensures that your property is secure from intruders or burglars.

Although these locks are more expensive than standard counterparts, they offer long-lasting durability and security. They can withstand great physical pressures and harsh weather conditions.

All the more, having such high-security lock systems protecting your commercial property not just gives you peace of mind. It also provides a sense of protection to your employees.

However, along with a robust lock, you also need to have drill resistant housing. This prevents intruders from removing the entire lock from the door. With the help of professional commercial locksmiths, you can get customised lock systems with drill resistant housing solutions.

Locks & Features To Ensure High Security

Before choosing the right type of lock system, it is essential to consider certain factors. What type of lock will be most compatible with your door? Is your door frame strong enough to match the endurance of the lock? Do you require a lock system that opens and locks from inside and outside? Expert commercial locksmiths will ask you such questions before they provide a customised solution.

Now, we move on to explore lock types/features that guarantee high security.

Alarm-based Lock System - To prevent both outside intrusions and employee theft, alarm-based lock system is effective. These locks alert with alarm signal upon detection of unauthorised use of exit doors. You can disengage alarm-based locks so that authorised people can enter the building.

High-Security Padlocks - Use of closed shackle padlocks prevents picking, drilling, and

cutting. A variety of high-security padlocks are available as per your requirements. For example, there are weatherproof padlocks that are resistant to corrosion. There are also combination padlocks that do not require keys to open them.

Digital Security Lock - Alphanumeric locks are a great option to secure your office. These types can use motorised deadbolts to provide excellent anti-theft protection by implementing a rolling code feature. This ensures that the same code is not used again. Some varieties come with an alarm system which alerts when somebody enters incorrect code more than three times.

Push Bars - Fires often cause fatal accidents when employees inside the office are unable to exit through the emergency door. For the same, push bars prove to be a safe and secure solution. It enables people to exit the building by pushing a bar that activates a mechanism for opening the door.

Commercial locksmiths can design push bars that are accessible during business hours. But they get back to their secure position when the building is closed so that nobody can enter the building.

24x7 Commercial Locksmith Service In Miami

To guard your business with high security, Public Locksmith service in Miami offers expert lock solutions. Even if you have an emergency locksmith requirement, we are here to help you any hour of the day.

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