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An Unpleasant Incident at Public Locksmith Services

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

The Mishap Happened With Public Locksmith
The Mishap Happened With Public Locksmith

When you run a business venture, you’re bound to experience some unpleasantness. No matter how honest and hardworking you are, there are always some people who want to get on your back and bring you down.

Such a thing happened to us recently. We got a call from a potential customer about how her house had been robbed and she wanted her locks to be changed. We reached out to her as soon as possible, as we thought that the situation was very serious and required immediate attention.

So when our technician got there, she instructed him to wait near the back door as she had some issues with him entering through the front door. He went there and waited for a while, she didn’t turn up. Then later she sent someone to open the door but by then even the security guard was there. He told the locksmith that entering the building like this is illegal and he could get arrested for doing so. He also told him that she wasn’t on the list of people who live in the building, thus she’s not allowed to make any changes to the locks. The situation got a bit sticky and our technician had to leave and discuss his side of the story with the guard and the guard assured him that he understands his situation and that he’s in the clear. Turned out that she was in trouble with the building management and there were some ongoing issues there.

Later, she went on to bombard us with negative reviews and comments, across various mediums. She took to Yelp first, writing all sorts of negative things about us. We were called unprofessional, despite the fact that the locksmith got to her place 15 minutes before he was supposed to and kept all his other customers busy because she took the time to let him in the building. We were also called overpriced, despite the fact that not a single penny was charged, not even for the service call and the amount of time that was spent waiting for her to respond to the locksmith’s calls. All these comments were in poor taste and came out of spite - in fact, lies.

We did manage to get in touch with the good people at Yelp and were able to take down the fake review. They were very understanding and helpful. But she later went on to post on her own profile about how her review was unjustly taken off and how she’s the victim of bad management from us and Yelp alike. She also threatened to post more negative reviews so as to get noticed by the hierarchy at Yelp.

This seems to be a common theme with her on the platform. Around 4 months ago, she posted a nice 5-star review of the building, calling it a great place to live and appreciating all the facilities and amenities they provided. But later on, she changed that. This only strengthens the fact that she has some problems with the building management and she’s only trying to use our service as a scapegoat for her own personal troubles.

As mentioned above, there will always be people who will try to bring you down. This was a clear example of that. Without any fault of our own, we were portrayed in a bad light and were made to look like the bad guys, which threatened our reputation and all the good work we’ve done in the last many years.

The only way to get through such tough times is to be strong and keep your head up at all times. One bad experience doesn’t define your entire legacy, rather it just becomes a footnote in it.

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