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How to Avoid Car Thefts in Miami?

Easy Yet Often Overlooked Ways to Safeguard Your Car From Thefts

It's good news that the 2019 crime report shows the car theft rate reduced to only a small fraction of the population. Still, you sure don't want to be a part of it. Hence, we have provided you these tips on how best to avoid car thefts. We have selected these based on our experience as decade-old automobile locksmiths in Miami — we are sure you will find them to be very useful.

Points for Parking

One rule you should always remember is car thieves always go for the easy-to-steal cars. Thus, all you need to do is make it difficult to steal your automobile. So, when deciding on a parking space, go for the busy spots. Also, maneuver your parking position into one that a mischievous mind will count stressful. Something you can do is leaving your wheels turned towards adjacent cars. In the case of your house garage, you should always check that your garage locks are in good condition. If not, our 24-hour locksmith service can come in handy as you don't want to leave out any risk.

Keep Your Engines Off

Always keep your engines off — well, except you're driving, of course. We understand you are only stepping out for a minute. But are you ready to be separated from your car for the whole lifetime? Nope! So, make sure your engines aren't running whenever you are stepping out of your vehicle. Any second is enough to steal a car that has its engine still running.

Don't Leave your Spare Keys in Your Car

Do Not Leave Your Spare Keys in The Car

You may want to leave your spare keys with your vehicle to avoid locking yourself out. But this only makes it easier for thieves to retrieve your car keys. If you don't want to lose your car, don't leave your keys with your vehicle. And if you ever lock yourself out, reach out to us anytime. We are professional automobile locksmiths in Miami that are well able to pick your locks and let you back into your car. You also don't have to be concerned about our availability as our 24-hour locksmiths have you covered all day long.

Lock all Doors, Close all Windows, & Lock your Steering

Always try to open all doors before you step away from the car. Doing this, you can notice when there's an open door or window. Also, you should always confirm that you have your complete set of keys. If any seems to be missing, you should erase all risks by reaching out to local locksmiths in Miami, to help change your carlock. Lastly, a steering lock discourages any mischievous passerby. So, try to get one too.

Don't Leave Valuables in Your Car

Never forget this last tip. No one wants to steal your car if they aren't attracted to it — except they need it for other crimes. So, try not to leave any valuables in your vehicle to avoid calling the attention of thieves.

Well, that's all about our tips on how you can avoid car thefts in Miami, FL. And with the pandemic, there are about fewer eyes on the streets. So, make sure to leave your car at no risk of theft.

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